Welcome to Cynthia & Co!

Back History – Mount Forest pioneer businesswoman Cynthia Beyer started Cynthia & Company in 1989. She grew the business for 15 years and then passed it onto the stores second owner. After 13 years, the store made itself back onto the market, which is where your fave Mom & Daughter duo come into play.

 When we bought Cynthia & Co. we only had have one thing in mind, we wanted a platform. A place everyone knows so that we could serve our community and evolve from there.

Serving to us means many things

  • Giving our customers one on one service they deserve.
  • Having our customers know we aren’t sending them out the door with a bag in hand “just to make the sale.” If it doesn’t look good on you we don’t want you telling people where you got it.
  • Our sales policy is not about dollars and cents it is about honesty.
  • We also strongly believe in providing our customer with a comfortable, casual and pressure free shopping experience. We aren’t here to sell you items seven ways to Sunday.

 We also serve our community by being involved with service groups. We believe in ‘Paying it Forward’ as much as we can. Since purchasing the store we’ve joined the Mount Forest Lions Club, 100 Women of Wellington Country, The Terry Fox Run of Mount Forest and we like to support anything that involves the Louise Marshall Cancer Patients Services.

We often say we are slowly but surely building our empire. We can tell you that in the next 10 years we will own more than just a clothing store. For Kelly, it’s about ‘in your face honesty’! She’s the polar opposite of being politically correct, she was raised to say it as it is that way you don’t need to try and remember what you said. Her hopes and dreams are to build a reputation based on these values, which will lead to a solid and successful future.

For Emma, she’s always liked the thought of being in control of her own destiny – so to speak. The thought of waking up in the morning knowing she’s working towards making herself rich (that term is used very loosely) and not someone else is what it’s all about – investing in yourself! When she envisions her life in the next 5-10 years, she sees way more then what a $40,000, 9am-5pm job can offer. Owning a successful business is a dream come true. To actually have a one-year, five-year and ten-year plan, it more than what she ever could have envisioned.

It’s incredibly important to us that we maintain the integrity that Cynthia’s was built on BUT.. We also must make it our own. We do have plans with this amazing store including this new website, being a stepping-stone to keeping up with todays modern changes. Our hopes are that ‘you’ grow with us. Stop in, don’t drive by, let us serve you, and come see things with your own eyes. Bring your mom, bring your daughter and most definitely tell your spouse.

 Share your experience here by talking about us. Again, we want you to grow with us and always enjoy being apart of Cynthia’s (Kelly & Emma’s) family, our empire.