Time to Make Cynthia's ours!

Cynthia & Co. has 30+ years of being one of the largest storefronts on our beautiful Main St. Mount Forest. There is an amazing history from The Creator to Jenny and now The Dynamic Mom/Daughter Duo that we are. 

We have spent many many hours discussing what the future holds for Cynthia & Company. We have had many thoughts & ideas but keep going back to "It's time to make it OUR store!" This does not serve up any disrespect to the foundations, none at all actually. It means like every "house" you have to do updates and maintenance or you will eventually end up with nothing. 

So 2020 is going to be our vision. We have to live for our future & dreams, which means it's time to honour the past and move on. We have some pretty bright ideas. These ideas are to make Cynthia's a family friendly store (That's all we are saying for a now).

We have listened to our customers, we have heard you loud & clear. Family is our foundation and we are building on that. You will be able to see this whether you are driving by or you walk through our door. Everyone is welcome. We also know and understand that sometimes change is difficult for people to wrap their heads around and of course people talk and rumours spread. 

So we are asking for a few things:

  • You want to know what's happening - ASK
  • You want to see what's happening - COME LOOK WITH YOUR OWN EYES
  • If you like what you are seeing - TELL US
  • If you don't like what you see - TELL US

And MOST IMPORTANTLY we ask for respect. Don't spread rumours, this isn't your story it is ours. We have been here for almost two years and pride what we do and we love all who walk through our door. 

This is why we feel that in 2020 and moving into our third year it is time. Time to make Cynthia & Company our own!  

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  • Shelley Weber on

    Keep up the great work ladies! I love that you are making “your“ mark on Main Street. Both Cynthia and Jenny would be very proud to see, what was once their business, continue and grow! Your enthusiasm on Main Street is contagious!!!

  • Kay AYres on

    I love your , I said your….store.
    You 2 are doing a great job. If I get a compliment on something I am wearing, it is always something I bought at Cynthia &Co.
    So keep doing what you are doing.
    And have a great break in January.

  • Cynthia Beyer on

    Good on you girls.It is time to move forward and I wish you ,only the best.
    Sincerely, The Original Cynthia & Co.

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