The GANGS all here!!!

So you need to go shopping for an event and you get the bright idea to have a friends reunion at the same time. You invite your.....

Mom, Sister, Sister-in-law, Childhood BFF, and your neighbours uncles 2nd cousin 3rd removed.

You load up the mini van and hit the stores like some badass gang on a mission.

Now you have a rough idea what you're looking for because you know what looks good on you. Into the change room you go. You get the first outfit on and daaamn!! you look great if you don't say so yourself. So out you come to show the gang and you're excited because you know they are going to love it!!!!

Mom - Oh sweetie you look great. You always look great to me (gee thanks mom)

Sister - Not sure about the colour

Sister-in-law - It makes your butt look bit (she's kind of a bitch anyways)

Childhood BFF - It isn't for you. I think it would look better on me. Can I try it on? (WHY?? are we friends)

Cousin - It's ok. ( who the heck is she and why is she here)

You are deflated. This goes on for another 27 outfits. Now of course you want to please everyone, you want thumbs up from the whole badass bunch of opinionated "bleepin bleeps". Six wasted hours later and eight stores destroyed you're so damn confused you don't even know you're name and you're empty handed heading home.

We have watched this scenario happen so many times and the poor girl almost always is broken hearted. Has anyone seen "Say Yes to the Dress"? Both Randy and Lori say it all the time "two's a party, three's a crowd"

But sometimes the opposite happens and your gang tells you that everything looks wonderful. Meanwhile you look like you could be the ringleader for a circus. So trust us when we tell you, you don't need the whole gangs opinion. We don't want you leaving feeling discouraged. Here at Cynthia's, we pride ourselves on honesty even if it means loosing a sale. We want you looking great for a few reasons

1. You leaving with the same confidence you arrived with is very important. We want you to wear what you buy and not just hang it in your closet.

2. We get paid whether you buy or not

3. If it looks like crap, we actually don't want you telling everyone you got it from Cynthia's. We don't want the negative reflection from that.

So you don't need to bring your badass gang with you when you shop with us. The Gangs all here and is BADASS enough that you'll leave a satisfied customer. 

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