Supporting Local vs. Supporting Big Box

Hello Friends! Welcome to our very first blog post on our new & improved website. This is so exciting for us! This blog will serve as an uncensored outlet to discuss whatever topics we feel are necessary to write about. They might be our trials & tribulations of being SBO, real life problems, fashion (of course!), personal topics.. nothing is off limits. And of course posts will always be written with a candid, un-sugar coated opinion. You sometimes might not agree but that doesn't mean we can't still be friends. We can have different opinions and still support one another. 

With that said, let’s get down to business!

If we hear one more freakin’ time that you can’t afford to shop here or anywhere in town, because the prices are too high, we both might jump off our high, healthy & whatever water tower.

We are doing a comparison with a popular ladies clothing store that you can find in Owen Sound, Guelph, Orangeville & the KW area.  

Below we've randomly selected 4 items. So please, allow us to educate you on our prices.




First things first, you’ll need to get yourself there, and unless your rocket fuel is free, we added $13 in gas (we got this number based on Dave [Kelly's husband] who drives a Toyota Camry from Conn to Cambridge & back every day) Secondly, we don’t know about you, but after a busy day of shopping we fancy ourselves something to eat, or at the very least a drink from Canada’s favourite coffee joint. When all is said and done these small costs all add up to a significant dent in your bank account. Also, don't forget that all our prices include the tax. What you see on the tag is what you pay at the register, which means you won't be taken back when what you thought was $234 in your head turns out to be $264 because you didn't factor in tax.       

Some people might say that what we sell is comparable to the big box stores. However we highly disagree with that, we pride ourselves on being different and unique. What we sell is good, Canadian made (for the most part), quality clothing, that makes everyone you come across do a double take. So are we comparable to these other stores… Hell no! 

Being as we are a small town store. A few things you should consider before you drive 45mins, in whichever direction are 

  • When your kids sports team, local playground, hospital, golf tournament, etc needs a donation does the big box store show support. 
  • Does the big box store keep your main street looking lively & not like a ghost town?
  • Do they donate to your community service groups?
  • Do they join your service groups to serve your community?

We are certain we all know the answer to these questions. 

Now are some of our prices higher? Yes! In some cases they are. But it’s not because we are jacking the prices up to gouge you. We have costs that we need to cover, we have bills and taxes to pay too. But when you take it all into consideration, we think everything is justified!

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  • Melanie on

    I totally agree and do all of my shopping locally, including at Christmas time. I must admit some of my wardrobe comes from the New to You Store (in support of our local Fergus hospital and my budget) and I do my shopping in Fergus and Elora, but I fully support my local business people as much a humanely possible. I love Mt. Forest as well. These river towns are so lovely.

  • Shelley on

    100% agree, downtown Mount Forest has a lot to offer!!!! Our merchants support our town, we need to support our merchants!!!

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