Free Services We Offer

How do you know unless you look and see for yourself?

What kind of merchandise do we offer at Cynthia & Co.? Well we have.....

Bras and panties, pyjamas, sweat shirts & pants, casual & dressy tops, dress pants, casual pants, jeans, coats, jewelry, mitts/hat/scarves, purses and there is likely more but we have so many cool items it is hard to remember it all.

Did you know we carried all this?

We also Offer Free Services (don't be dirty birdies). You can open our door for FREE and you can try on our clothes for FREE! How freakin' exciting is that!!!

Then of course you can FREELY tell everyone how damn awesome we are. Tell people what you've seen with your own two eyes vs what you've heard.

Cynthia's has been proudly serving Mount Forest for over 30 years but this Mom/Daughter Duo Owners have only been hanging around for a year and a half. Perhaps things have changed! But that is for you to come and check out for yourself.

HAPPY INVESTIGATING !!! Tell us if you LOVE what you see!!!

Happy Shopping

Kelly & Emma

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  • BIllie-Jo on

    Love coming in and seeing what’s new. Always something to try on & usually go home with 😉

  • Kay Ayres on

    I love this store. I like the selection of clothes, they carry. I love the relaxed atmosphere.
    There is a place for a person to sit, if they need to, or the person shopping with you, to sit. Lovely selection. Not insane pricing….

  • Sunny ☀️ Sandra on

    Love 💗 this Blog 😂
    So true, we also get free smiles and hugs if we’re lucky.
    Trying out stuff for free, is great, helps make sure things fits right!
    Thank you for the great freebies…

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