Your body IS beautiful!!

Marilyn Monroe - size 12

Ashley Graham - size 16.

If you don't follow Ashley on Instragram @ashleygraham #beautybeyondsize you're missing out.

Does size really matter? HELL NOOOOO!!!!!! is the answer to that dumb question!!!

We can say this until we’re blue in the face. The person that needs to tell you is YOURSELF. We see you gals on a daily basis in all your glorious shapes and sizes here at Cynthia's.

The size 8 is too FAT!!

The size 12 is too FAT!!

The size 16 is too FAT!!

This is what we always hear. Everyone is so damn critical about themselves. It saddens us. Lets look at the positive side of these numbers. They are just numbers. If you were writing a text and you received 8/8, 12/12 or 16/16 would that be considered perfect??? I personally (Kelly here) like to think big is beautiful. That is just my size 18 opinion though. I like to think there is a hell of a lot more to me then letting my dress size define who I am. 

In this crazy world we live in, I think Body Image should be the LAST thing we worry about. If we all looked the same wouldn't that be incrediblyboring. I have always believed that if you are being judged for something (in this case your size regardless of what it is) it is actually because they are jealous of you. 

You will see images attached throughout this blog. Also attached is a Tedtalk (please take the time to watch it). They are empowering. Our goal here is to make you understand that we are all beautiful amazing people. If reading this blog helps one gal see themselves differently then we have succeeded. 

We have a favour to ask.....when you see someone compliment them!


That's it for a now!

Love you always,

Your Mom/Daughter Duo

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